Impressionism in the Modern Digital Culture: A Series

I’d like to take a minute now to cut down the entire spectrum high and low-brow culture at the knees by raising a dangerous question:

Are Internet Memes the impressionist portraits of the digital media era? Clearly, according to the virtually non-existent historical or empirical evidence, the answer is no, but I will continue to test this deluded theory by sharing some meme reactions I had today while seeking paid work in the modern digital world.

If I don’t share this momentary emotion, I’ll fail at producing a visually acceptable chunk of randomly compiled, multi-syllabic words to vomit onto a a free blog site that serves the same purpose a Starbucks toilet does. It gets customers in the building, but sits too close to the exit so that patrons leave without buying anything.

Then I won’t have a link to post on my dozen social media accounts. Without that link, my social media posts won’t receive a pictures of a little “thumb up” and a number next to it. Without that number, I won’t have any quantifiable data to justify the success metrics of the current branding campaign. Then I’ll struggle to survive and end up trolling Craigslist to offer labor in exchange for meager compensation the way perverts negotiate with professional deviants. Then I’ll feel like everything I believed in and worked so hard far was childish. Then I’ll start to look like this and make obscure Bradley Cooper memes for the rest of the day.  (I’m pretty sure that memes are–or soon will be–a standard job requirement for all media professionals).

Looking back now, I’m glad I spent so much time on this:

Limitless Meme


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